Fanciful Recollections

Things of interest and emotion. It is somewhat of a paradox, as are some things. For it is a world that knows no bounds but is bounded by the readers. It is also an outlet for me to express myself.

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We are creators of our own worlds that only our eyes can see
That very world can come crumbling down in front of us
Leaving us but the crumbles of sanity between our fingers as we grasp upon it
We try so hard to repair our castle of sans

But in the end we sense only torrents of sadness that leave us lost
Lost within the forest of doubt that tie us within their vines
The vines that bind us to our faults and mistakes preventing us from pushing forward
From becoming who we we meant to be

I feel the urge to spread my wings and break free from the chains that is my doubt
I strive to push away the anger that lies within me
Burning and melting me from the inside I feel myself becoming lost
Slowly becoming engulfed by madness

But as I struggle to see the light of truth
I fight against the demons within and rise above
To the brim of certainty and strength
Through the hands of faith do I find who i truly am.

Mom won’t let me drink though

Mom won’t let me drink though